Management of
business travels
in China

● Research and Selections
of factories and suppliers
in China

● Management & planning 
of your itinerary in China

● Arrangement of business appointments with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers
in China

● Hotel, train and domestic flights booking

From US$642/ €564

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Over-the-phone Service,
to check your suppliers
in China

US$68/ €60

per supplier's Tele-Investigation

discount offered for orders of
6 tele-investigations or more

You have some queries about your suppliers in China. You need a quick and professional reply. A highly skilled, experienced and well-trained consultant from Sunchine calls your suppliers in China and carries out over-the-phone investigations for you. A concise but complete tele-investigation report is sent to you the same day.

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Basic Business verification in China

€139 / US$158

This basic company verification, carried out on-the-spot in China, protects you and your company against the fraud and provides you with first information about the legal status, the licences, the reliability and the solvency of your future supplier in China.
The information about company registration, import and export licences is get directly from local government authorities in China.

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Factory Audit is a time-efficient way to assess the reliability of your supplier in China









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Each customer is unique

Web Commerce Worldwide adjusts its offering to
the specific needs
and characteristics
of each enterprise
providing an optimal solution for each of them
while controlling costs.





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Sourcing in China

Secure your procurement
at the maximum
by buying from suppliers specially verified for you

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 At Sunchine Inspection quality is not just a slogan. It's an every day commitment. We commit to protect you against the risks of getting defective or hazardous products when you purchase in China.

Founded in 2005, Sunchine Inspection is part of Sunchine International Co. Ltd.
Sunchine Inspection main's objective is to offer a complete range of high quality management services to help the buyers to reduce the import risk greatly.

Sunchine International is very proud to be completely independent from the manufacturers, trading companies and other commercial middlemen in China.

We are fully dedicated to protect and defend the interest of your clients coming from all the continents.

We believe our first responsibility is to our clients. To meet their needs, everything we do must be of the highest quality. Our best recompense is the satisfaction of our clients.

At Web Commerce Worldwide and Sunchine International, the same care and attention, the same standard of service is given to each client regardless of the size of his business.

The other branch of Sunchine International is Sunchine Consulting founded in 2002 by François Shi, the actual Head Manager of Sunchine International Co. Ltd.  Sunchine Consulting is a well-known and reputable sourcing and import-export consulting company in China and abroad. Sunchine Consulting has a rich experience in international trade and offers an excellent after-sale service.

Today, Sunchine Inspection is one of the best third party inspection companies in China.  We have a sound inspection network that covers almost all the important industrial regions in China.

Sunchine Inspection can supply high quality and efficient professional services of supplier audit, factory inspection, social audit and a full range of quality product inspection and testing services anywhere in China within 48 hours.

Highly professional in international business consulting, quality management and inspection services, we can help you to perform the factory audit and assessment and can provide third party inspection services at each stage of production.

We are a third party company inspection that only focuses on protecting and defending in China the interest of his clients located on all the continents.

 Sunchine only hire and employ more than 120 full-time, well-qualified and accredited inspectors with both national and international certification and at least five years of practice of quality control in the industry they inspect. All our Chinese inspectors are very knowledgeable and experts in their familiar fields and understand well the existing differences between Chinese and overseas business cultures. 

Compared with other inspection companies in China, Sunchine only employs full-time, well-trained and accredited inspectors with a sound technical knowledge of the products they control and test. So, we can offer a consistent and always highly professional inspection services anywhere in China and in some other Asian countries under short time notice.

In view to deliver optimum audits and inspections results to our clients located in all the continents, we started a plan called "Inspector Position” in 2007. It means we arrange the inspector for you according to your product classification. This plan has been highly praised by our clients and has got remarkable achievements.

In 2010, we began to expand our social audit, factory audit and products quality inspection services to other Asian countries. Today, besides China, Sunchine Inspection offers social audit, factory audit and product quality inspection services in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan, always with the same guarantee of high quality services.

Sunchine Inspection provides you in China and in Asia with the same degree of comfort and control  that you are accustomed to, when dealing with your domestic suppliers.


Professional Factory Audits / Factory Inspection and Assessment:

Looking for a new factory to work with in China can be in many ways a complex and deterring task.

In view of our numerous years of experience in quality control in China, we strongly recommend that a factory inspection was performed by a professional Chinese auditor before placing an order in China.

The Factory audit is the best way to ensure that your Chinese suppliers are reputable.

Specializing by product range, Sunchine’s well trained and experienced auditors independently assess everything on-site from production capacities and in-house quality control systems to staff facilities and working conditions.

We evaluate and analyze the financial situation, the facilities, the capabilities and know-how, the strong and weak points of the factory.

Performed according to ISO 9000 standards and your specific requirements, the factory audit lets you know exactly if your factory meets your requirements in terms of quality, production capacity and delivery deadline.

The appraisal report allows you to clearly make the selection of the Chinese factory best suited to meet your standards.

Sunchine Inspection can customize the factory audit to address specific concerns you should have and look more closely into specific areas of the factory that are critical to your project.

Sunchine Inspection guarantees to be on-site at the factory anywhere in China within 48 hours of request for our services.

The factory audit services we offer to the international buyers are conceived to meet the following purposes:

1. To verify the comprehensive capacity of enterprises, such as production capacity, manufacturing process, technical capacity, quality management system and export experience etc; Minimize production risks;

2. Provide all relevant information about the manufacturer;

3. Help you to assess and optimize the risk management so that your business could be in position to achieve the maximum profits.

4. Assure and guarantee the quality:

A. Review the factory's qualification and certificates;

B. Review the staff's qualification and competence;

C. Review the products quality and products certificates;

D. Survey the factory (such as area of workshop, facilities, cleanliness, environment…);

E. Assess the capability of factory machinery and equipment (type, quantity, condition, maintenance records);

F. Assess factory personnel (How many workers, workers assigned to your production process, worker skill level, management);

G. Assess the production capacity of the manufacturer (product, variety, specification, material, reference standard);

H. Check previous production records and capabilities;

I. In-house Quality management system, assess quality plan and records, ISO 9000 documentation;

J. Taking pictures of every aspect so you get the "feel" of the factory;

K. A quick response report will be sent to you within 24 hours. This very detailed report with many pictures shows you exactly what our accredited inspector has seen in the factory.

Compared with our main competitors, our factory audit prices are very competitive: US$328.00 in China and US$428.00 in other Asian Countries.

Factory audit report samples can be sent to you by email as soon as we receive your request. Thank to give us the name of your company; please, specify also our sector of activity.
Factory audit report samples will give you a good insight about the high reliability and accuracy of our factory audit services.
Quality inspection report samples are also available on request.

Social audits

Social audits are conducted according to SA 8000 standard and client's special requirements

SA 8000 is based on the norms of the United Nations and the International Labour Organization (ILO). 

Social audit assesses the social dimension of a company regarding working conditions and environmental standards: work-hours compliance, safety standards, environmental standards compliance, health, wages, discrimination, disciplinary practices, child labour…


Basic Business Verification and Business Investigation Service in China / First Supplier Assessment

Information is collected through our local team in China ONLY.
A member of our team carries out a basic investigation of your future Chinese business partner on-the-spot in China and verifies the licences and the registration of the company from Chinese local government authorities.
Please note that this first assessment service does not include a physical visit at the factory. The information and documents are sent by the factory, thoroughly cross-examined by several of our fully-qualified and well-experienced consultants and confirmed with the Chinese local authorities.

Sunchine-Consulting has developed a unique and well-proven methodology to corroborate all the data and information collected about the company regarding its profile, its degree of reliability, its juridical status and economical environment.

This basic company verification in China protects you and your company against the fraud and provides you with first information about the legal status, the seriousness and the solvency of your future supplier in China.

Every day we are seeing new clients who come to us looking for help after they have been defrauded by Chinese companies, “golden member” or not but all listed on sourcing websites and directories in China. Some lost lot of money with it. And often unfortunately we cannot do anything because the Chinese company has closed its doors and its dishonest owner has 'disappeared".
It is always safe to verify your business partner before you make a payment.
We will notify you if the company is a fake.
The cost of this service of basic business verification and investigation in China is 139 euro (158 USD) only per company verified.


Business Phone Call Service to facilitate your relationship with your suppliers in China / Phone Interview of Chinese Suppliers / Suppliers Tele-Investigation / Over-the-phone Investigation of your suppliers in China


Sunchine Consulting puts at your disposal a highly qualified, dynamic and experienced consultant to question your suppliers in China by phone and talk with them in Chinese.
So your communication with your suppliers in China becomes easier.
Indeed many suppliers in China don’t have a good English level and often use Google to translate from Chinese to English or other language. And the automatic translation is not always accurate.

Main advantages of this service of over-the-phone suppliers investigation in China:

- Service very useful to check the list of the suppliers you have selected by Internet;

- Verify in a first time if your supplier in China really exists and seems serious; so you can avoid being the victim of a scammer or of a dishonest vendor;

- Check if your supplier has well understand your request; indeed many vendors in China speaks a poor English and use Google translate; so sometimes the translation is not really adequate;

- Avoiding communication mistakes because of an inadequate knowledge of the business culture and etiquette in China that are very different from etiquette and business culture in Europe;

- Gather the essential information about the Chinese supplier;

- Clarify with your supplier the points  that seems unclear to you;

- Negotiate in Chinese by phone with your suppliers;

- Help you to conclude commercial negotiations with your suppliers in China.

This service is offered at a very affordable price: only US$ 68.00 by phone call; our consultant can talk in Chinese during about 20 minutes with your supplier.

You can pay this service on-line by credit card.

We offer discounts if you order 6  or more over-the-phone supplier investigation service. For example, if you require the tele-interview of 10 Chinese suppliers, the price is only 60 USD / 54 EUR per tele-interview.

After each over-the-phone investigation service a concise but complete tele-investigation report is sent to you the same day.

Our consultants can communicate in Chinese, in English, in Spanish, in Italian, in French, in Portuguese and in German. So you can send us your request in one of these languages.


Proven Product expertise:

We only employ full-time, highly-qualified and accredited inspectors  with national and international certification and having at least five years of quality control experience in the industry they inspect.

We provide Lab testing, Quality Control and Inspections service on all products and imports, including:


§        Bags and Cases

§        Building Materials & Decorative Materials

§        Chemicals

§        Computers and Communication Products

§        Cosmetics

§        Costume Jewelry

§        Cycles & Motorcycle & Scooter

§        Consumers Electronics

§        Digital products

§        Electrical Engineering

§        Electric Vehicles (electric bikes, electric scooter, electric car...)

§        Electronic and Electrical Devices

§        Electronic and Electrical Products

§        Electronics and Household Electrical Appliances

§        Food safety

§        Footwear

§        Garden Furniture

§        Gardening Products

§        Gifts and Premiums

§        Hardware and Tools

§        Home appliances

§        House ware & Kitchenware & Tableware & Glassware

§        Home Decorations

§        Household Items

§        HVAC and Energy

§        Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

§        Lightning Equipment

§        Machinery  & Industrial Equipment

§        Mechatronics

§        Medical Equipment

§        Medical Products & Hospital disposables

§        Office Supplies

§        Pharmaceuticals

§        Printing et Packaging 

§         Renewable Energies (wind farm, solar energy, solar panels…)

§        Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment

§        Sport, Travel and Recreational Products

§        Textiles and Garments

§        Toys & Plush toys & Childcare

§        Vehicles and Spare Parts


Chinese cities in where we and our Chinese company partner have our own well-experienced certified inspectors and controllers

Beijing, Dongguan, Foshan, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Heifei, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shaoxing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Tianjian,  Wenzhou,  Wuxi, Xiamen, Yantai, Yiwu…


We always welcome your inquiry.
Please send it by email to


How to work?
First, please send an email to specifying your requirements with the full detailed description of the services you are looking for.
If you prefer you can communicate with us using Skype where we always have a consultant online to advise you and to answer to your questions.
Our Skype ID is WebCommerceWorldwide Sunchine Inspection.
We analyze your request. Then we return towards you to clarify together all the points necessary to be able to offer you a tailored commercial solution fitted to your needs.
Once we receive your agreement letter, we send you by email a proforma invoice that will be considered as a binding contract.
We start our services officially after the full payment of our services by bank transfer.


Web Commerce Worldwide

Sunchine Business Office in Europe, also in charge of the clients from America and Middle-East
Manager: Regine Cataly


SKYPE  ID   WebCommerceWorldwide Sunchine Inspection

GOOGLE TALK   Regine Cataly


Associated Company in China

Sunchine International Co. Ltd.

Manager: François Shi

Tel:  0086-25-6809 3658 / 6809 3668
Fax: 0086-25-6809 3678
Mobile: 0086-189 516 33 559




Factory Inspection

Factory Audit

Social Audit

anywhere in China

within 48 hours

€288 / US$328

Pricing all-inclusive
in China

Other Asian countries
€376  - US$428

Our factory audits are carried out according to client's specifications and the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, a relevant set of internationally recognized standards for quality management.

The appraisal report of factory inspection allows you to clearly make the selection of the Chinese factory best suited to meet your standards.

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Product Quality


anywhere in China

within 48 hours

€235 / US$268
Pricing all-inclusive in China

Other Asian countries: US$358

All our product quality inspections are arranged in base of client's needs and requirements.
We quickly report any non-conformity and assist you in the course of the corrective actions.

A well-documented inspection report with lot of pictures is sent to you within the 24 hours following the end of the inspection.

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Business Interpreter

for Canton Fair and

 your business trips

 in China

€175 per day

US$199 per day

Professional Translation
and Interpreting services
available in 11 languages


Product research

 Factories selection

all over China

pricing from

€443 / US$500

We commit to find the products that exactly meet your needs, specifications and requirements.

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117th Canton Fair

Phase 1:  15-19 April 2015

Phase 2:  23-27 April 2015

Phase 3:     1-5 May 2015

Assistance and Chinese/English
Interpreting Service
for Canton Fair

 from 525 / US $597