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Showcase and E-Commerce Website Creation & Management services : 

Applying to Web Commerce Worldwide does not mean just being a simple customer but becoming a privileged partner for a personal plan.

With more than 1,73 billion users in the world in June 2009 et a 380,3% growth between 2000 and 2009, the Internet is an essential tool for the development  of your business.

With a showcase website, an enterprise develops its products fame and its brand awareness, expands its customers’ target and acquires an international dimension at a lower cost.

The enterprise presents online its catalog and its products and services offering with for main advantage a constant and fast update.

So customers and prospective buyers have permanently available information brought up to date easily consultable, which make easier theirs purchase decisions.

An E-Commerce website is an excellent tool to increase your sales of products and services but it is still necessary to know how to distinguish your offers against the hyper-competition which reigns on the Web with the proliferation of Internet sites.

In 1997, we started to sell on the Internet and since then, we follow the development of E-Commerce.

This experience and know-how combined with our marketing skills, communication and technology web expertise make us able to offer comprehensive E-Commerce Solutions tailor-made that meets the necessities and specific needs of your business.

Our E-Commerce solutions include: Website design, communication design and advertising, Information management and website maintenance.

We also provide website maintenance, SEO (search engine optimization) solutions, Internet marketing services and professional website rewriting services to improve the content of your website and its web positioning.

We can write and translate your websites in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian.

Our lead time is usually 3 to 5 weeks and our prices remain very competitive. 


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