Basic Business verification in China

€139 / US$158

This basic company verification, carried out on-the-spot in China, protects you and your company against the fraud and provides you with first information about the legal status, the licences, the reliability and the solvency of your future supplier in China.
The information about company registration, import and export licences is get directly from local government authorities in China.

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We provide you with all the business interpreting and translation services  you require to succeed in doing business in China








Votre vitrine sur le monde


Each customer is unique

Web Commerce Worldwide adjusts its offering to
the specific needs
and characteristics
of each enterprise
providing an optimal solution for each of them
while controlling costs.


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Business Interpreter

bilingual or trilingual

for Canton Fair and

 your business trips

 in China

€175 per day

US$199 per day

Professional Translation and
 Interpretership services
available in 11 languages




Over-the-phone Service
to check your suppliers
in China

US$68 / €60

per supplier's Tele-Investigation

discount offered for orders of
6 tele-investigations or more

You have some queries about your suppliers in China. You need a quick reply. A highly skilled and well-experienced consultant from Sunchine calls your suppliers in China and investigates them for you. A concise but complete tele-investigation report is sent to you the same day.

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Sourcing in China

Secure your procurement
at the maximum
by buying from suppliers
specially verified for you

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117th Canton Fair

Phase 1:  15-19 April 2015

Phase 2:  23-27 April 2015

Phase 3:     1-5 May 2015

Assistance and Chinese/English
Interpreting Service
for Canton Fair

 from 525 / US $597

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Factory Inspection

Factory Audit

Social Audit

anywhere in China

within 48 hours

€288/ US$328

Pricing all-inclusive
in China

Other Asian countries
€376  - US$428

Our factory audits are carried out according to client's specifications and the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, a relevant set of internationally recognized standards for quality management.

The appraisal report of factory inspection allows you to clearly make the selection of the Chinese factory best suited to meet your standards.

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Product Quality


anywhere in China

within 48 hours

€235 / US$268
Pricing all-inclusive in China

Other Asian countries: US$358

A detailed inspection report with lot of pictures is sent to you within the 24 hours following the end of the inspection.

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Car Rental

with private driver

all over China

US$206/ €182 
per day





Product research

 Factories selection

all over China

Rates from

US$500 / €443

We commit to find the products
that exactly meet your needs, specifications and requirements.

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Products suggestion

  • Bags and Recreational Items

  • Building Materials

  • Electronics

  • Gifts

  • Hardware and Tools

  • High Tech Products

  • Home Decorations

  • Household Electrical Appliances

  • Indoor Furniture

  • Lighting equipment

  • Machinery

  • Medical Equipment

  • Office Furniture

  • Outdoor Furniture (catalog online)

  • Promotional Items

  • Renewable Energy

  • Solar Chargers

  • Solar panels (catalog online)

  • Textiles & Garments

  • Toys

  • .....................................












Our professional Business Interpreting Services in 11 languages:

The choice of a suitable Chinese interpreter is crucial to make a success of your business trip in China.

Rely on an unprofessional or simply on an unskilled interpreter can be a nightmare to your business trips in China and indeed this might completely mess up even the most carefully planned business travel.

In straight cooperation with our associate company in China we offer you the services of a highly qualified professional Chinese business interpreter performing simultaneous, consecutive or technical consecutive interpretation.

When we select our Chinese mother tongue business interpreters in China, we place great emphasis on their experience in the world of business in China. All our business interpreters have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and also good negotiations and analytical skills.

Unlike most interpreters in China, our highly qualified business interpreters fully understand western business mentality. They also have several years of experience with the business world in China.

Our top-class business interpreters with their wide ranging levels of experience and extensive educational backgrounds, knows very well the industrial base of Chinese economy.

The male or female business interpreter put at your disposal for your business meeting in China only interprets what is said and not speculates on what should or could have been said, so as to convey the message in the most internationally recognized way.

This bilingual or trilingual male or female business interpreter will accompany you throughout your journey in China and will assist you in your business negotiations.

He or she serves you as an interpreter enabling you to overcome the language barrier and the business practices peculiar to China. He or she assists you as business adviser in making key contacts in your business sector and therefore ensuring you that your negotiations go as smoothly as possible.

Our Chinese associated company, Sunchine International Co. Ltd has offices in the cities of Nanjing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou which are located in the most active economic zones of China.

Fluent in English and French, graduated from a large French university, his manager François Shi is infused with Chinese and European cultures. He is well-experienced and perfectly knows China’s commercial and industrial network

Seasoned professionals, familiars with both Western culture and the intricacies of Chinese culture, our multicultural team in China is at your disposal to help you find the Chinese factories that best meet your needs and requirements.

Our specialists are experts in their field, have the knowledge and techniques required to make a success of your next business trip in China.

Our business interpreters are specially prepared and trained for each of the missions entrusted to them, so that they can serve our clients at the best of their interests and contribute to the success of your business trips to China.

Our top-class business interpreters are available all over China and can travel anywhere inside Chinese territory.

We commit to put at your disposal a bilingual or trilingual qualified professional business interpreter anywhere in China within 72 hours.

Once we have received your full payment for our interpreting services we will quickly put you in contact by phone with our interpreter. So you can test and appreciate yourself the high quality of our interpreting services from Chinese to English and vice versa and also those from Chinese to other languages.

These bilingual or trilingual business interpreting services are available in the following 11 languages:

  • English

  • Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)

  • Spanish

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Arabic

  • Brazilian

  • Japanese

We also provide technical and professional translation services in the same languages to help you achieve success in your business in China.

We offer multilingual business solutions tailored around your needs and requirements. We work with small and medium business and also with large corporate organizations coming from all over the world.

By choosing our services, you gain in efficiency and get all the essential business services you require to succeed in doing business in China.

We offer a first-class business interpreting service available quickly and at a very competitive price.

Business Interpreting Rates from 175 Euro (199 US dollar) on 8-hours-per-day basis.

Every additional hour will be charged 34.25 euro (39 US dollar).

All our professional highly qualified interpreters are housed in our Nanjing, Shanghai and Guangzhou offices. If the interpreting place is not in Nanjing, in Shanghai or in Guangzhou, the interpreter's travel expenses, accommodation, food and drink costs… shall be paid by the client.

We can take care of the complete organization and planning of your business trips in China: airline tickets booking, hotel reservations, research of the Chinese factories and suppliers best suited to your needs and requirements, taken of appointment with Chinese factories time management, commercial negotiation assistance…

You can subscribe at your convenience to all the services we offer, or only choose to use some of these business trips organization services.

We also ensure the follow-up of the manufacturers and suppliers you met during your business trip in China. We keep you informed regularly by telephone and by sending you regular reports by emails.


Our professional translation services in 11 languages: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Brazilian

In addition to this business interpretation service, we provide you professional and technical translations services in the same 11 languages for all your business documents: letters and business correspondence, commercial documents, purchase orders, invoices, reports, research reports, study reports, advertisements, ads, flyers, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, website content, data sheets, technical documents… 

Our translation rates are based on the language combination, subject and time given. They are among the most competitive on the translation market for a work of high quality realized only by professional translators specialist in their field.

Cost estimates are free and unconditional. Please, send us your text by email to and you will receive our quote back on the same day. 

Organization of Business Trips in China and trade shows assistance services:

In association with our Chinese Partner, we organize and plan your business trips in China at very attractive prices.

Regarding the numerous fairs and specialized trade shows held throughout the year at Canton (Guangzhou), Nanjing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, we offer a full spectrum of Trade Fair Services providing you a comprehensive assistance during all your stay.

These services are conceived to be fully consistent with all of your expectations and help you make a success of your business in China.

A Chinese trilingual business interpreter with international education background assists you throughout your stay. He serves you as an interpreter at the Trade Fair enabling you to overcome the language barrier and the business practices peculiar to China. He assists you in making key contacts in your business sector and therefore ensuring you that your negotiations go as smoothly as possible.

Only verified suppliers, previously audited, are presented to you in order to eliminate all potential risks and ensure the security of your procurement in China.

Thus, we will put you in position to select the best business opportunities for your company and buy or produce at the best price in China in full safety.

By choosing to call upon our services, you minimize your investment, maximize your efficiency optimize and make profitable your business trip in China.

Our services include: tailor-made organization and planning of your business trip, hotel reservations. in 3, 4 or 5 stars hotels,  taking of your business appointments with Chinese suppliers, management of your schedule in China, car rental  reservation, reception at the airport by our correspondent, business interpreter put at your disposal, accompaniment in trade shows, trade fairs, exhibitions and in tours of factories,

We can also at your request take care of air tickets booking and buying. A list of the trade fairs, trade shows and professional exhibitions held in China throughout the year is kept at your disposal.

We always welcome your inquiry.

Please send it by email to


How to work?

First, you contact us by email sent to specifying your sector of activity, your business travel project, your interpreting needs or/and translation needs and also the region or regions where you need your interpreting service.

If you prefer you can communicate with us using Skype where we always have a consultant online to advise you and to answer to your questions.

Our Skype ID is WebCommerceWorldwide Sunchine Inspection.

We analyze your request; we contact you again immediately if necessary and send you an offer by email the same day.

After the receipt of your agreement, we make out a proforma invoice, that we shall consider as a binding contract.

We will start our interpreting service or our translation service after the full payment of our service by bank transfer or international postal order.
The sending of the bank transfer's copy will be considered as proof of payment.

Once we have received your full payment for our interpreting services we quickly put you in contact by phone with our interpreter. So you can test and appreciate yourself the high quality of our interpreting services from Chinese to English and vice versa and also those from Chinese to other languages.


Web Commerce Worldwide

Sunchine Business Office in Europe, also in charge of the clients from America and Middle-East

Manager: Regine Cataly



Skype ID: WebCommerceWorldwide Sunchine Inspection

Google Talk ID:  Regine Cataly


Associated Company in China

Sunchine International Co. Ltd.

Manager: François Shi

Tel:  0086-25-6809 3658 / 6809 3668
Fax: 0086-25-6809 3678
Mobile: 0086-189 516 33 559























Business Travel Management Services
in China

● Research and Selections of factories and suppliers in China

● Management and planning 
of your itinerary in China

● Arrangement of appointments with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers in China

● Hotel, train and domestic flights booking

from US$642 / €564

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