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Each customer is unique

Web Commerce Worldwide adjusts its offering to
the specific needs
and characteristics
of each enterprise
providing an optimal solution for each of them
while controlling costs.


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Business Interpreter

bilingual or trilingual

for Canton Fair and

 your business trips in China

€175 per day

US$199 per day

Professional Translation and
 Interpreting services
available in 11 languages



Customized Product research

 Factories selection

all over China

Rates from

€443 / US$500

We commit to find the products that exactly meet your needs, specifications and requirements.

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Management of
business travels
in China

● Research and Selections of factories and suppliers in China

● Management and planning 
of your itinerary in China
● Arrangement of appointments with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers in China
● Hotel, train and domestic flights booking

from €564 / US$642

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Over-the-phone Service,
to check your suppliers
in China

US$68/ €60

per supplier's Tele-Investigation

discount offered for orders of
6 tele-investigation or more

You have some queries about your suppliers in China. You need a quick reply. A highly skilled and well-experienced consultant from Sunchine calls your suppliers in China and investigates them for you. A concise but complete tele-investigation report is sent to you the same day.

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Basic Business verification in China

€139 / US$158

This basic company verification, carried out on-the-spot in China, protects you and your company against the fraud and provides you with first information about the legal status, the licences, the reliability and the solvency of your future supplier in China.
The information about company registration, import and export licences is get directly from local government authorities in China.

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117th China Import
and Export Fair
in Canton

Phase 1:  15-19 April 2015

Phase 2:  23-27 April 2015

Phase 3:     1-5 May 2015

Assistance and Chinese/English
Interpreting Service
for Canton Fair

 from 525 / US $597














Factory Inspection

Factory Audit

Social Audit

anywhere in China

within 48 hours

€288 / US$328

Pricing all-inclusive
in China

Other Asian countries
€376  - US$428

Our factory audits are carried out according to client's specifications and the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, a relevant set of internationally recognized standards for quality management.

The appraisal report of factory inspection allows you to clearly make the selection of the Chinese factory best suited to meet your standards.

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Sourcing in China

Secure your procurement
at the maximum
by buying from suppliers
specially verified for you

Product Quality


anywhere in China

within 48 hours

€235 / US$268
Pricing all-inclusive in China

Other Asian countries: US$358

A detailed inspection report with lot of pictures is sent to you within the 24 hours following the end of the inspection.

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Car Rental

with private driver

all over China

US$205 / €182
per day













Products suggestion

  • Bags and Recreational Items

  • Building Materials

  • Electronics

  • Gifts

  • Hardware and Tools

  • High Tech Products

  • Home Decorations

  • Household Electrical Appliances

  • Indoor Furniture

  • Lighting equipment

  • Machinery

  • Medical Equipment

  • Office Furniture

  • Outdoor Furniture (catalog online)

  • Promotional Items

  • Renewable Energy

  • Solar Chargers

  • Solar panels (catalog online)

  • Textiles & Garments

  • Toys

  • .....................................















































Our activities in China

In China, Web Commerce Worldwide is working in close partnership with its associated company Sunchine International Co. Ltd to provide international buyers and importers from all the continents with all the tools and services they need to maximize the safety of their purchases and productions in China and get the best ratio quality/price when importing from China.

Third party service providers, Web Commerce Worldwide and its associate in China Sunchine International Co. Ltd. have no ties with Chinese factories and wholesalers.

We represent and defend our clients' interests only in China. We strictly act on their behalf in all confidentiality.

Our activities in China are divided in three distinct business units:

Import-Export Consulting, end-to-end sourcing solutions, purchasing management, Imports follow-up, buying and representative office solutions

Quality Management; factory audit, Quality Control and inspection Services, lab testing, certificates verification

Business Interpreting and Translation Services in 11 languages; planning and organization of business trips; Canton Fair business and assistance services

Sourcing in China - Buy safely at low cost in China from verified suppliers

A lot of big companies manufacture in China. Lower manufacturing overhead costs, best quality-price ratio explain that China has become the workshop of the world.

China possesses the skills, the expertise and all the technology required to satisfy products needs around the world.

Web Commerce Worldwide supports SMEs (small and middle enterprises) in their projects of purchases or production in China.

Our mission is to position ourselves as a bridge of confidence between you and the Chinese manufacturers and suppliers best suited to meet your specific needs and requirements in terms of purchasing and production in China. We offer you a comprehensive and personal service from the beginning to the end of the buying process and including transportation and logistics management.

Only three tasks remain assigned to you: define all the specifications of the products you are looking for in China, approve the sample or the prototype and validate the production after reading our inspection report and recommendations. So you enjoy the peace of mind that our constant vigilance, our close monitoring and follow up of your purchasing orders and our high standards of quality control inspections carried out on site by our team of accredited Chinese inspectors ensure  you permanently.

In partnership with its associated company in China,  Sunchine International Co. Ltd., we can operate complete sourcing missions anywhere in China.

Well established in the most active industrial zones of China, with offices in Nanjing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, our sister company in China and his team of experts know very well the nucleus and basis of the economic fabric of China. They are familiar with both Chinese and overseas culture.

Fluent in English and French, graduated from a renowned French university, his manager  François Shi is infused with both Chinese and European cultures. Well-experienced, he perfectly knows China’s commercial and industrial network and he is a very good negotiator.

We have recruited senior and mid level executives, specialists and professionals in many fields. Our consultants and teams of professional buyers operate across all industry sectors and services available in China.

We source any kind of products with low costs and high quality.  We negotiate on your behalf in Chinese with the selected suppliers to achieve the best price/quality ratio possible. We visit the factories regularly, control and follow up sampling, manufacturing, packing and container loading.

Together we provide you with all the essential business services you need to succeed in your negotiations, purchasing and production business in China: product research, selection of factories, factory rating, company authentication and assessment, quality controls, product inspections, factory audits, social audits, consulting services, import-export consultancy, administrative, commercial and technical translations and professional business interpreting services in 11 languages, cost-effective solutions for your buying office in China, purchasing management, trade fairs services ...

Remaining independent of any economic interest in China and elsewhere, we protect and defend only our clients’ interest. Our clients come from very varied sectors are located all over the world. They are importers, international buyers, manufacturers, distributors o wholesalers. They belong to large, small and medium enterprises

We offer to each business owner an easy and secure access to Chinese market at lower costs. All Chinese suppliers and manufacturers that are presented to you have all been previously checked and are regularly audited.

Small, medium and large series are accepted. Prototypes can be sent to you for authentication and validation.

We bring to each enterprise an optimal and secure end-to-end sourcing solution tailor-made in perfect adequacy with its characteristics, its size and its specific needs. Our primary objective is to optimize and secure your supplies of goods and services with cost control.

We become fully integrated into your company and act as your dedicated buyer in all transparency and complete confidentiality. We help you succeed in doing business with China.

Our end-to-end sourcing services in China include:

  •  feasibility study

  • market research

  • analysis

  • qualification, characterization and definition of your needs

  • appeal  for tender

  • research, consultation of potential Chinese suppliers

  • selection of the offers and verification of the selected suppliers

  • prices, sales terms and conditions negotiations

  • quick transmission of the information to the client

  •  sampling

  • in option factory audits and social audits (compliance with environmental standards, compliance schedules work ...)

  • on-site quality control inspections of products

  • surprise spot checks of companies

  • validation of purchase orders

  • control and follow up  of your production on-site

  • orders control and tracking

  • Free warehouse Service in China: Consolidation of your purchases from various suppliers

  • completion of all the export documents from China to your country, completion the customs clearance procedures

  • container loading monitoring

Upon request, we handle all the commercial and administrative procedures of your purchase orders in China until their delivery in your warehouse anywhere in the world.

We offer you independently the following services to help you to secure your procurements throughout China :

  • Business Phone Call Service to call your suppliers in China /Tele-Investigation / Over-the-phone Investigation / Phone-interview of your suppliers in China
    Sunchine Consulting puts at your disposal a highly qualified, dynamic and experienced consultant to question your suppliers in China by phone and talk with them in Chinese.
    So your communication with your suppliers in China becomes easier.
    Indeed many suppliers in China don’t have a good English level and often use Google to translate from Chinese to English or other language. And the automatic translation is not always accurate.

    Main advantages of this service of over-the-phone suppliers investigation in China:
    - Service very useful to check the list of the suppliers you have selected by Internet;
    - Verify in a first time if your supplier in China really exists and seems serious; so you can
    avoid being the victim of a scammer or of a dishonest vendor;
    Check if your supplier has well understand your request; indeed many vendors in China speaks a poor English and use Google translate; so sometimes the translation is not really adequate;
    Avoiding communication mistakes because of an inadequate knowledge of the business culture and etiquette in China that are very different from etiquette and business culture in Europe;
    - Clarify
    with your supplier the points  that seems unclear to you;
    Negotiate in Chinese by phone with your suppliers;
    - Help you to
    conclude commercial negotiations with your suppliers in China.
    This service is offered at a
    very affordable price: only US$ 68.00 by phone call; our consultant can talk during about 20 minutes with your supplier.
    You can pay this service on-line by credit card.
    We offer discount if you order 6  or more over-the-phone supplier investigation services.
    For example, if you require the phone-interview of 10 Chinese suppliers, the price is only 60 USD / 54 EUR per tele-interview.
    After each
    over-the-phone investigation service a concise but complete tele-investigation report is sent to you the same day.
    Our consultants can communicate in Chinese, in English, in Spanish, in Italian, in French, in Portuguese and in German. So you can send us your request in one of these languages

  • Basic Business Verification & Business Investigation Service in China
    Information is collected through Sunchine Consulting local team in China ONLY..
    A member of our team carries out a basic investigation of your future Chinese business partner on-the-spot in China and verifies the licences and the registration of the company from Chinese local government authorities.
    Please note that this first assessment service does not include a physical visit at the factory. The information and documents are sent by the factory, thoroughly cross-examined by several of our fully-qualified and well-experienced consultants and confirmed with the Chinese local authorities.
    We use our unique and well-proven methodology to corroborate all the data and information collected about the company regarding its profile, its juridical status and economical environment.
    This basic company verification in China protects you and your company against the fraud and provides you with first information about the legal status, the seriousness and the solvency of your future supplier in China.
    Every day we are seeing new clients who come to us looking for help after they have been defrauded by Chinese companies, “golden member” or not but all listed on sourcing websites and directories in China. Some lost lot of money with it. And often unfortunately we cannot do anything because the Chinese company has closed its doors and its dishonest owner has 'disappeared".
    It is always safe to verify your business partner before you make a payment.
    We will notify you if the company is a fake.
    The cost of this service of basic business verification and investigation in China is 139 euro (158 USD) only per company verified.

  • Checking of the real existence and of the reliability of enterprises in China by Sunchine Consulting
    This service consists in verifying the existence and the degree of reliability of Chinese companies.
    The Internet, despite its real and seemingly growing benefits to the researcher, still presents drawbacks when you decide to negotiate directly online with suppliers and factories in China. Indeed how can you check the data of your probable Chinese partner at several thousands of miles away from home?
    The sites B2B such Alibaba, Made in China… as most B2B marketplaces, including the B to B websites based in Europe, do not really verify the inscriptions of their members. This has as consequences that many companies having no legal existence are registered on these websites.
    In the same way a beautiful website or a wonderful catalog or ISO certifications or yet the delivery of a perfect product sample do not guarantee to you the reliability of your factory or suppliers in China.
    When inspecting factories on-site in China we have sometimes the unpleasant surprise to find a den or a garage of wholesalers with products of poor quality whereas their beautiful website showed a Chinese manufacturer that was advantageously presented. These companies, truly professional scammers, are very difficult to detect.
    Some of our clients, prior to use our services, were the victims of these companies "rip off" which made them lose much money.

    With this checking service you first avoid "cons" companies, swindlers and inexperienced vendors. And you also know if you are dealing with a retailer, a wholesaler or a factory.

  • Product research all over China - Factories selection by Sunchine Consulting
    Our consultants and teams of professional purchasers in China carry out products research, supplier background investigations and purchasing negotiations for you.
    We operate across all sectors in the main economic regions of China, where we are well-established since numerous years.
    Most Internet based China sourcing directories only list a fraction of the suppliers we can have access to. We search much deeper and find out for you the products that exactly meet your needs and requirements in terms of quantity, price range, quality, and delivery deadline.
    Our experienced professional buyers negotiate in Chinese with the selected manufacturers and suppliers to achieve the best price/quality ratio possible.
    Each mission of product research is conducted under the supervision of a member of our team management in China who owns an expertise in the field of the required products.
    The products research is carried out as stated in your specifications and in compliance with the international standards in force in the country of destination of the goods.
    All the factories and suppliers are systematically and thoroughly checked on site by our experts in the field.
    A product research takes between two and three weeks.

  • Production Monitoring by Sunchine Inspection
    An accredited Chinese inspector, internationally certified with several years of experience in your branch of activity represents your interests in the factory and closely monitors all the production process in China daily or when requested by you.
    The same accredited inspector tracks on site each steps of the production process. He detects the eventual productions defaults in real time and helps you and your vendor to correct them quickly by putting his experience and know-how at your service.
    Our inspector makes sure that your requirements and schedules as agreed initially upon with your Chinese manufacturer are met in terms of production timing and deadlines, material, quality, compliance with international standards and delivery time.
    For production of high technical content and high added value, it is advisable to have an internationally certified inspector inside the factory throughout the production monitoring your order and reporting back to you daily so you can identify and fix problems in real time with the help of your highly qualified authorized Chinese inspector, independent of all commercial interests in China.

  • Product quality inspections by Sunchine Inspection
    In order to ensure the safety of your buying and production in China, it is crucial that at least a product quality inspection was carried out by an authorized Chinese inspector.
    Present in over 50 cities in China, we are expending constantly. Our nationally and internationally certified inspectors conduct your product inspections according to AQL standard and your own requirements within 48 hours anywhere in China.
    Most important, this product inspection conducted by an experienced highly qualified and internationally certified Chinese inspector enables you to get all the certificates required by European authorities, American authorities and others, to avoid custom problems and prevent costly return of goods.
    A detailed report with many pictures and our observations is sent to you within 24 hours after the end of the inspection.

  • Supplier Audits - Factory audits - Social audits by Sunchine Inspection
    Carried out according to your specifications and international standards ISO 9000 series, our factory audits on-site lets you know exactly if your plant meets your requirements of quality, production capacity and delivery deadline. We evaluate and analyze the financial situation, the facilities, the performance and know-how, the strong and weak points of the factory.
    Social Audits are carried out according to standards SA8000.

  • Bilingual or trilingual  Business Interpreting services - Professional translation services available in 11 languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, .French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and Brazilian.   
    All our business interpreters are highly qualified professionals with several years of experience with Chinese business world.
    Our business interpreters, whose mother tongue is Chinese, are specially prepared and trained for each of their mission to serve you in the best you interests and to contribute to the success of your business trips to China.
    The business interpreter man or woman, that is assign to you, is chosen according to your sector of activity and has a good practice in the field. He or she will help you overcome the language barrier and understand the intricacies of corporate culture in China. Qualified business advisor, accustomed to arduous trade negotiations, our interpreter will assist you in your negotiations with Chinese companies.
    Administrative, commercial or technical translations, that you entrust to us, are all carried out by professional translators specialized in the industry.
    We also do proofreading and rewriting of texts in Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian,
    Japanese, Arabic and Brazilian. 

Relocation of your production activity in China:

If you opt for a partial or total relocation of your production, we take charge of it in close cooperation with your Chinese partner company and put a team dedicated to your project at your disposal.

Responsiveness, seriousness, efficiency and dynamism, strict observance of the procurement strategy of our clients, transparency, loyalty and confidentiality constitute our working ethics.

Your Buying and Representative Office in China in Nanjing or in  Guangzhou, with a dedicated team of experts put at your own disposal:

For SMEs and SMIs planning to set up a representative office in China, we offer in association with our Chinese partner a cost-efficient solution. Sunchine International houses and manages your buying and representative office in China in Guangzhou or in  Nanjing and puts a team of highly qualified experts at your own disposal. A well-trained bilingual (even trilingual) liaison manager runs your office.

For this business service we charge a flat rate price starting from 732 Euros per month (US$834/month).

By opting for this cost-effective solution, you control your supply chain in China. You save your rent of office, the opening fee and all other costs in China. You increase your margin and make your business more profitable.

You get a high-quality Business Consulting Assistance about Chinese laws, regulations and policies, connections with governmental departments, and Chinese business communities, and so on… So, all the possible business troubles could be avoided or resolved very quickly with the know-how and the professional experience of our Chinese Business Partner.

The reputation of your company will be raised up as one real international firm.

Planning and Management of tailor-made Business Travels in China and trade shows assistance services

In association with our Chinese Partner, we organize, plan and manage efficiently your business trips in China at very attractive prices.

Regarding the numerous fairs and specialized trade shows held throughout the year at Canton (Guangzhou), Nanjing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, we offer a full spectrum of Trade Fair Services providing you a comprehensive assistance during all your journey in China.

These services are conceived to be fully consistent with all of your expectations and help you make a success of your business in China.

A Chinese trilingual business interpreter with international education background assists you throughout your stay. He serves you as an interpreter at the Trade Fair enabling you to overcome the language barrier and the business practices peculiar to China. He assists you in making key contacts in your business sector and therefore ensuring you that your negotiations go as smoothly as possible.
Only verified suppliers, previously audited, are presented to you in order to eliminate all potential risks and ensure the security of your procurement in China.

Thus, we will put you in position to select the best business opportunities for your company and buy or produce at the best price in China in full safety.

By choosing to call upon our services, you minimize your investment, maximize your efficiency optimize and make profitable your business trip in China.

Our services include: tailor-made organization and planning of your business trip, hotel reservations. in 3, 4 or 5 stars hotels, rental car reservation, reception at the airport by our correspondent, professional business interpreter put at your disposal, accompaniment in trade shows, trade fairs, exhibitions and in tours of factories.

We can also at your request take care of air tickets booking and buying. A list of the trade fairs, trade shows and professional exhibitions held in China throughout the year is kept at your disposal.

We always welcome your inquiry.

Please send it by email to

Purchasing Management /Sourcing in China rates:

An upfront deposit of 443.00 euro / US$500.00 before starting our service and a 5-9 percent commission on the total amount of your purchases in China.

A part or the totality of the upfront deposit can be deducted from this commission according to the total amount of your purchases.
This commission percentage is based on your total purchase amount and set according to the total amount and volume of your purchases, the complexity and the technicality of the ordered products, the quality controls to be carried out and the required services.
Business identification and verification, product research, evaluation, selection and validation of suppliers and factories, price negotiations, production monitoring, order follow-up, quality controls, product inspections, transportation and logistics handling, completion of the customs clearance procedures and container loading monitoring, are included in this end-to-end sourcing service in China. We keep you regularly informed about the production status of your order.


How to work?

First, you contact us by email sent to specifying your requirements with the full detailed description of products, equipment and services you are looking for.

If you prefer you can communicate with us using Skype where we always have a consultant online to advise you and to answer to your questions.

Our Skype ID is WebCommerceWorldwide Sunchine Inspection.

We analyze your request. Then we return towards you to clarify together all the points necessary to be able to offer you a tailored commercial solution fitted to your needs.

Once we receive your agreement letter, we send you by email a proforma invoice that will be considered as a binding contract.

We start our services officially after the full payment of our services by bank transfer.

If you opt for an end-to-end sourcing service, we only require the payment of the upfront deposit before starting this sourcing service.


Web Commerce Worldwide

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Associated Company in China

Sunchine International Co. Ltd.

Manager: François Shi

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