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Sourcing in Bali and in Java


Each customer is unique

Web Commerce Worldwide adjusts its offering to
the specific needs
and characteristics
of each enterprise
providing an optimal solution for each of them
while controlling costs.





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Business Travel Management Services
in Indonesia


Trade Expo Indonesia

21-25 October in Jakarta

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Over-the-phone Investigation Service,
to verify suppliers in
Indonesia & Taiwan

from €87 / US$99

In order to avoid our clients to be the victims of scammers or non-serious vendors in Bali, Java and Sumatra, we have setup a new of over-the-phone tele-investigation service of suppliers in Indonesia.
One of our well–trained  consultants calls the supplier in Indonesia for you, talks with him in Indonesian, asks him effective and relevant questions and  collects the essential information on the supplier. A concise report is sent to the client the same day.


Product Quality
in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Korea

€315 / US$358

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Factory Inspection
Factory Audit
India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Korea

€376 / US$428

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Sourcing in Bali
and Java in Indonesia

Buy and produce safely
high-quality products
at great prices in Bali and Java
without having to order
large quantities.

All the suppliers will be carefully verified  to make sure they can match your needs, specifications and requirements































































































Sourcing in Bali and Java: Buy safely high-quality products at great prices in Indonesia from verified suppliers without having to order large quantities. Bali, the pearl of Indonesia, is a small island located at the east end of Java. The combination of friendly, hospitable people and a magnificently visual culture with its climate, and its very various, lush and sumptuous landscapes, its sensational sunsets and its spectacular beaches with great surfing and diving, have made Bali Indonesia’s unparalleled number one tourist attraction.

This Paradise Island is not only a dreaming destination for tourists. It is also a place to make good business deals. Bali has developed a traditional crafts and industrial production mainly export oriented.

In Bali, you find hundreds of very small “factories”, but only 30 percent among them offer well-finished products with original design. The prices charged by these tiny factories for products of equal or even higher quality are much more interesting than those of big Indonesian firms because these tiny units of production have not to bear expensive infrastructure costs, neither marketing fees nor advertising costs.

Many small and medium-sized factories from Java have commercial showrooms or small  shops  in Bali to exhibit their production made in Java to the numerous tourists who are coming to Bali. These Javanese businesses mainly belong to the clothing, home decorations, handicraft and furniture sectors.

At least 70% of the furniture exhibited in Bali are made in the region of Jepara in Central Java. Jepara is famous worldwide for its finely carved mahogany and teak furniture.

All the containers from Bali transit in Surabaya. So you will spare US £650 and US$900 for a 20 feet container if you choose to purchase or produce in Java.

In Bali or in Java in Indonesia even your small-series production with a top quality finishing can be made at very low cost. So you can get a large assortment of products with few amount required by type of products ordered.

But is still necessary to know where and how to search and select the right addresses at the right place in this jungle of  thousands of small and medium-sized Balinese and Javanese Businesses.

Professional service provider independent of any production units or trading office in Indonesia and elsewhere, Web Commerce Worldwide is committed to search the best quality / price / innovation ratios for its clients who are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises located all over the world.

In partnership with its Balinese and Javanese specialized partners, Web Commerce Worldwide is present anywhere in  Java, Sumatra and Bali. Working in close cooperation with them, Web Commerce Worldwide provides to each business owner an easy and secure access to the Indonesian market at the best prices.

Together we can research for you all families of products and services available in Bali and Java in Indonesia and take care of all the purchasing process until the delivery in your country..

Small, medium and large series are accepted. Samples and prototypes can be sent to you for authentication and validation.

We offer to each enterprise an optimal and secure solution tailor-made in perfect adequacy with its characteristics, its size and its specific needs. Our primary objective is to optimize and secure your supplies of goods and services with cost control.

We become fully integrated into your company and act as your dedicated buyer in all transparency and complete confidentiality.

We help you to avoid the traps and the scammers when purchasing or producing in Indonesia. Indeed, in Bali, in Java and in Sumatra, there are unscrupulous people and false companies with any legal existence; many of our clients, before cooperating with us, have lost lot of money in Indonesia because of these scammers and dishonest people.

We are your eyes and your ears in Bali. Our professional inspectors based in Java can carry out basic business verification, factory audits, quality product inspections and container inspection supervision anywhere in Indonesia.

We supervise your production on site and also container loading in Bali and in Java; and you thereby have quality and production amount always under control. Thus, we help you succeed in doing business with Indonesia.

If you already have your own suppliers in Indonesia, we can realize a complete monitoring and follow up of your production on site including product quality control, packaging control and logistic management of the forwarding of your goods by container.

Regarding transport of goods by sea from Bali towards Europe and other destinations thorough the world, we advise you to use the services of our forwarding agent partner with whom we have managed to negotiate the lowest prices of the freight market in Bali while maintaining high standards quality service.

If you opt for a partial or total relocation of your production in Bali or in Java, we take charge of it in close cooperation with your Indonesian partner companies and put a team dedicated to your project at your disposal.

For people who want to settle in Bali, we have conceived a comprehensive assistance and support service to help and assist them in Bali in matter of accommodation, purchasing and investment.  At the moment, there are very good opportunities in real-estate in Bali and you might double your initial investment amount within only five years. But you must be very careful because when investing in Bali.

For example, several villa builders in Bali  have no previous experience with home building or attract you by offering low price to build your villa and then when you villa is almost finished they ask you more money because of unexpected costs. We can help you to avoid these pitfalls by investigating your villa builder on the spot.

Responsiveness, seriousness, efficiency and dynamism, strict observance of the procurement strategy of our clients, transparency, loyalty and confidentiality constitute our working ethics.


Over-the-phone Investigation Service, Tele-investigation of your suppliers in Indonesia (Bali, Java and Sumatra) / Inquiry conducted by telephone Indonesian according to your instructions by an experienced consultant from our office in Jepara.

Before using our services, several of our clients were the victims of scammers, fraudsters or of non-serious vendors in Bali, Java and Sumatra.

We thus decided to set up a professional tele-investigation service of suppliers in Indonesia. A well-trained and experienced Indonesian consultant calls to  the supplier in Indonesia for you. He talks with the supplier in Indonesian, asks him relevant questions and tricky questions and collects the essential information about the supplier. A concise report is sent to the client the same day.

The price for an over-the-phone investigation service of a supplier is US$99.00 /Euro 87.00.

If necessary, we can send the consultant or an inspector on site to verify the information collected by phone and carry out a more thorough investigation on-the-spot.
For further information on this over-the-phone investigation service, please visit our webpage: where this service, that we also provide in China is explained in details

Factory Inspections / Supplier Audits / Factory Audit in Indonesia

Our Indonesian inspectors carry out factory inspections, factory audits and quality product  inspections on-site in the factory anywhere in Indonesia. They also perform container loading inspections in Java, Sumatra and Bali.

The factory audit assesses on site and analyses the financial condition, the machinery equipments and the infrastructures, the in-house quality system established by the manufacturer, personnel qualification, the performance and know-how, the strengths and the weaknesses of the factory.
So, you know exactly if your factory meets your requirements in terms of quality, production capacity and lead time.

We can customize the factory audit to address particular concerns you might have and look more closely into specific areas of the factory that are essential to the feasibility of your purchase project in Indonesia.

The factory audit appraisal report allows you to select clearly the factory in Indonesia which meets your needs, requirements and standards of production.

Our fee for a factory audit in Indonesia is US$428.00 / Euro 376.00 per man/day. A factory audit can be performed within one day.
In Indonesia some factories are very far away from major roads and airports. So, travel costs can be added if the inspector has to travel a long distance to realize the factory audit mission and cannot come back home the same evening.

Since 2011, we have expanded our services to other Asian countries. Besides China and Indonesia, Sunchine Inspection also performs now social audits, factory audits and quality inspection services in South Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

To have complete information about our factory audit services in Asia, please kindly refer to our webpage special factory audits:


Quality Control, Product Quality Inspections Services in Indonesia

Our product quality inspections are realized according to the strictest international standards and your own checklist. All our inspectors in Indonesia are well qualified and have at least five years of quality control experience in the category of products they inspect.

Product quality Inspections help you to minimize the risks, avoid costly goods returns and to be ensured of a constant and stable quality when purchasing and producing in Indonesia.

We offer a complete range of product quality inspection services in Indonesia and guarantee to be on-site in the shortest possible time.

A full detailed report with photos, comments and observations is sent to you within 24 hours after the end of the inspection. Videos can be made during the inspection.

For further information about our product quality inspections, quality controls, production monitoring and container loading inspections services in Java, Sumatra and Bali in Indonesia, please visit our special webpage

Our rate for a quality product inspection in Java, Sumatra or Bali is US$358.00 per day. A product inspection is normally realized in one day.

In Indonesia some factories are located far away from major roads and airports. So, travel and accommodation costs can be added if the inspector has to travel a long distance to carry the inspection mission and cannot come back home the same evening.

Since 2011, we have expanded our services to other Asian countries. Besides China and Indonesia, Sunchine Inspection also performs now social audits, factory audits and quality inspection services in Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Since 2011, we have expanded our services to other Asian countries. Besides China and Indonesia, Sunchine Inspection also performs now social audits, factory audits and quality inspection services in Taiwan, South Korea, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

To have complete information about the product quality inspection services we supply in Asia, please kindly refer to our webpage special quality control inspections services .


To verify your suppliers when you make small orders in Bali, in Java or elsewhere in Indonesia, we advise you to ask for a basic supplier verification that allows you to get first information about the legal status, the licenses, the reliability and the solvency of your future supplier in Indonesia. The cost of this service starts at US $220.00.


Planning and Management of your Business Travels in Bali and Java - Trade Show Assistance Services for the Trade Fairs in Jakarta.

The three most interesting trade fairs to visit for business in Indonesia takes place in Jakarta:

♦  IFFINA (International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia) from 14 to 17 March 2015 in Jakarta International Expo. It is the biggest Furniture and Furnishing Fair in Indonesia.

INACRAFT (Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair) from 8 to 12 April 2015 in Jakarta Convention Center. This fair regroups exhibitors from the following sectors:  gifts, handicrafts, houseware, Home and garden decorative, precious jewelry and custome jewelry, batik, Fashion Garment and embroidery, toys and game.

TRADE EXPO INDONESIA (JI Expo) from 21 to 25 October 2015 in Jakarta Fairground, Kemayoran It is by far the largest and the most important  International Trade Show in Indonesia. 2014 will be its 29th Edition of Trade Expo Indonesia where producers exhibit all main Indonesian export products ranging from industrial, mining, agricultural to arts and crafts sectors.

In straight collaboration with our partners in Java, we offer comprehensive and tailored made trade fair assistance services to these three Trade Shows, which are well representative of Indonesia's economic showcase.

A visit to one of these fairs will allow you to get in touch with numerous Indonesian manufacturers and craftsmen and select the best suited to meet your purchasing needs and requirements. You can combine your Trade Fair visit with tourism or factory tour in Indonesia.
Please send an email to for a quote or further information on these Trade Shows in Indonesia.

Regarding the other trade fairs and exhibitions in Jakarta and elsewhere in Indonesia, we also propose a full spectrum of Trade Fair Services providing you a comprehensive assistance during all your stay in Indonesia.

Together with our Indonesian business partners, we also organize and plan all your other business trips in Bali and Java at very attractive prices.

These services are conceived to be fully consistent with all of your expectations and help you make a success of your business in Bali and Java.

A well-experienced bilingual business adviser assists you throughout your stay in Indonesia. He serves you as an interpreter enabling you to overcome the language barrier and the business practices peculiar to Indonesia. He assists you in making key contacts in your business sector and therefore ensuring you that your negotiations go as smoothly as possible.

Only verified suppliers, previously audited, are presented to you in order to eliminate all potential risks and ensure the security of your procurement in Bali and Java.

Thus, we will put you in position to select the best business opportunities for your company and buy or produce at the best price in Bali and java in full safety.

By choosing to call upon our services, you minimize your investment, maximize your efficiency optimize and make profitable your business trip in Indonesia.

Our services include: tailor-made organization and planning of your business trip, hotel reservations. in 3, 4 or 5 stars hotels, rental car reservation, reception at the airport by our correspondent, interpreter put at your disposal, accompaniment in trade shows, trade fairs, exhibitions and in tours of factories.

We can also at your request take care of air tickets booking and buying. A list of the trade fairs, trade shows and professional exhibitions held in Indonesia throughout the year is kept at your disposal.

We always welcome your inquiry.

Please send it by email to


Products Suggestions - Discover our products catalogs selection online

The products featured in these online catalogs were selected by Regine Cataly during her travels in Indonesia. The purpose of these catalogs is to provide an overview of the best crafts made in Bali and Java in Indonesia, products that can be custom-made at very affordable price without having to order a minimum quantity.

Indeed, there are a lot of small factories and SMEs / SMIs in Bali and Java but only 30% of them are able to manufacture products and items of good and very good quality and to ensure a stable quality of products.

Here is the list of our product catalogs that you can view online:

We can also create and design for you exclusive models on request and supervise their  production process on site in Bali by a skilled labour-force.

Specialist in international sourcing with a team on the ground taking a hands-on approach to business in Bali and Java, we can seek for you every kind of products at very competitive prices in Indonesia.

Please send an email for any further information  to Thank to include in your email all the details and specifications of the products or services your are looking for in Indonesia. 


How to work?
First, you contact us by email sent to specifying your requirements with the full detailed description of products, equipment and services you are looking for.

If you prefer you can communicate with us using Skype where we always have a consultant online to advise you and to answer to your questions.

Our Skype ID is WebCommerceWorldwide Sunchine Inspection.

We analyze your request. Then we return towards you to clarify together all the points necessary to be able to offer you a tailored commercial solution fitted to your needs.

Once we receive your agreement letter, we send you by email a proforma invoice that will be considered as a binding contract.

We start our services officially after the full payment of our services by bank transfer.

If you opt for an end-to-end sourcing service, we only require the payment of the upfront deposit before starting this sourcing service.


Sourcing rates in Indonesia

Our rates for sourcing in Bali and Java in Indonesia are as follows: upfront deposit  of 527 euro [US$ 600] before starting our services and a 5- 10 percent commission on the total amount of your purchases in Indonesia.

A part or the totality of the upfront deposit can be deducted from this commission according to the total amount of your purchases.

This commission percentage is based on your total purchase amount and set according to the total amount and volume of your purchases, the complexity and the technicality of the ordered products, the quality controls to be carried out and the wanted services.

We shall start our services officially after the signature of this contract partner and the full payment of the upfront deposit determined in regard to the complexity of the sourcing mission entrusted to us.

Web Commerce Worldwide


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Google Talk ID  Regine Cataly














































16 years' experience in
Freight in Bali and Java




Container 20 ft US$ 3550

Container 40 ft  US$ 5895

Our partner ships to all principal ports in Europe and also to all other ports around the world.

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116th China Import
and Export Fair
in Canton

Phase 1:  15-19 October 2014

Phase 2:  23-27 October 2014

Phase 3: 31 October-
             4 November  2014

Assistance and Chinese/English Interpreting Service
for Canton Fair

from 478 / US $597

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